AsteriXchangeEDI (Electronic Data Interchange) allows a practice, or billing
company, to maintain full control of outbound claim files and inbound
remittance files while meeting all HIPAA requirements.  Complete control for
data translation to comply with new mandates, including default values and
auxiliary tables to maintain code lists.  It is also capable of filing secondary
claims electronically instead of on a HCFA 1500 paper form.

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Asteri Medical Systems, Inc.

AsteriXchangeMDI (Medical Data Interchange) allows a practice or billing
company to electronically acquire data (demographic, transaction or
transcribed reports) from a hospital or other source, and translate that data
into a common file format to be transferred to the practice management
system. It is also capable of receiving transcribed reports to allow the correct
interpretation of diagnosis codes for posting purposes.

Custom PC Programming
Asteri Medical Systems can create custom software to assist your practice in
the movement of data between sources.  Interface software bridges the gap
between vendors by moving data electronically, eliminating duplicate data
entry and reducing data input errors.  We work directly with your vendor(s) to
create the custom software interface that’s right for your practice.  Our
services include the implementation of the interface, training, documentation
and support.