Phase I:
The AsteriXchange MDI application allows a medical practice, or billing company, to maintain full
control of their Medical Data Interchanges, including patient demographics and transaction
information.  The AsteriXchange MDI product provides a practice with the tools necessary to map
incoming demographic and transaction data files from a Hospital Information System (HIS) or
Radiology Imaging System (RIS) and reformat the file to match any required file structure necessary
for input into the billing system.  Standard formats, such as HL7 and 837 are mapped and included
in the application.  Also, tools are available within the application to create custom file formats.  A
powerful GUI mapping tool allows each field to be mapped between the incoming data and the
outbound file format.  Once converted, the data can be viewed and edited prior to generating the
final file for the billing system.  Data translations can be established, based on a constant value or
lookup table and incorporated into the data file processing.

 •      HL7 and 837 file formats available and mapped
 •      Ability to read in a proprietary ASCII text file and establish as a new file format
 •      Ability to create a custom data file format
 •      GUI tool to easily map fields between incoming data and outgoing file format
 •      Ability to view and edit converted demographic data files, prior to final file generation
 •      Ability to view and edit converted transaction data files, prior to final file generation
 •      Transfer flag at the demographic/transaction level to allow records to be withheld
 •      Rules based Data Translations to update data elements prior to final file generation
 •      Processing log captures date and time stamps at each process point
 •      Event log captures all edits made to data files with date, time and user stamps

Phase II:
Phase II of AsteriXchange MDI will provide full control of the data imported into the billing system
through Medical Data Interchanges.  The application maintains demographics in a database,
holding the information until transaction information for the patient is received.  Also in Phase II, a
new Patient Information Interface will be added to display the complete patient record, including the
transcribed report.  The interface will allow demographic and transaction level information to be
displayed with the report in a one page interface display.  All patient data fields will be editable,
including CPT code(s), Radiologist and diagnosis code(s).

 •      Ability to hold demographics until matching transactions are received
 •      Demographics and Transactions available for view and edit prior to final file generation
 •      Patient Information Interface
        o    Display complete patient information displayed:
        o    Transcription report
        o    Demographic fields can be edited
        o    Transaction fields can be edited and new transactions can be added
 •      Reports for demographic edits and transaction edits, based on established required fields  

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