Consulting Services
With over 30 years combined experience in the radiology industry, Bill and
Kim possess a wealth of knowledge, both in regards to workflow in the
radiology environment and software application usage and design.  By
working hand in hand with clients and software designers, Bill and Kim have
a unique perspective and inherent understanding of the complete medical
billing workflow. In addition to understanding the traditional workflow, they
understand the critical nature of a streamlined “electronic” workflow,
facilitating data movement from one system to another, which typically
involves multiple vendors and varying file formats.  Asteri’s consulting
services are based on each client’s unique needs.

Project Management
Complete project management services are available from Asteri Medical
Systems.  We can provide the extra assistance required to manage the
implementation of a new product, software application or interface between
other vendors.  We start with a detailed and organized project plan.  Our
service works as a liaison between all involved parties.  We coordinate
meetings, establish progress points, monitor all aspects of the project and
provide updates to all parties.  Our services allow you to stay involved and
informed about the project while still focusing on your business.   

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