Asteri Medical Systems

We focus on products and services geared toward streamlining manual
data entry and electronic workflow.

products include complex translators with easy to use interfaces.  In
addition, the translators allow you to establish data integrity checks of any
data element.

 AsteriXchangeEDI allows you to control inbound and outbound
         claim files.  The power to decide how and where your files are
         submitted and retrieved is returned to YOU.  

AsteriXchangeMDI provides the ability to reformat a hospital  
         demographic and/or transaction file into your vendors required
         format.  This eliminates the need to request (and wait) for your
         vendor to make necessary changes.  

services include consulting, project management and training.  We
analyze your current data entry workflow and propose solutions, including
PC applications, to increase your office's efficiency level.  And with our
extensive radiology environment background, we are the perfect partner
to assist or facilitate any implementation.  Specialized training is also
available to assist your practice.

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Asteri Medical Systems, Inc.